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Subwatersheds where Le Sueur River Watershed Network members are carrying out the 7 Recommendations for cleaner water and river health.
Subwatershed Planning 

The Network worked with citizens and local conservation partners in five subwatersheds to educate residents about watershed issues and needs, and to discuss conservation opportunities. Five subwatershed planning booklets include summary maps, data, conservation targeting strategies, and suggestions for next steps. Learn more about Le Sueur River Watershed Subwatershed Strategies:

Conservation BMP Targeting 

Dozens of maps were created that depict opportunity areas for targeted conservation planning in each of the subwatersheds using the latest Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping and targeting tools and models.

GIS Targeting Tools Inventory

As part of a LCCMR funded project, Network leaders provided advice and guidance about a conservation practice targeting tools and models booklet.

Le Sueur River - Mankato / River Park Drive

Near the outlet of the Le Sueur River Watershed in Mankato, homeowners and farmers are experiencing rapid loss of their land and several feet of mucky sediment settling out on their property. Homeowners in Mankato Township, Don & Becky Waskosky are organizing their neighbors and downstreamers from the Le Sueur River to encourage local policymakers, staff and citizens to make water storage a priority and protect our land resources by stabilizing river flows throughout the watershed. 

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